Star Cross’d {a sonnet of Romeo and Juliet}

“The Universe” by Viria

A sonnet I wrote for school while reading William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; this sonnet concerns them.

Met like stars whose galaxies pull adverse

Beneath one sky, love shied the cord

Which glances formed, scripted to life by verse;

Yet true brilliance bound could they afford?

Their names eternal which fortune ordained

And Fixed forever, plotted plight’s

Poisoned rancor, dosed to wither deigned

Romance, thus undone by the world’s cruel blights

Stars met without their fields unbalance all,

The sky cannot hold, as flames verge to meet.

Saturnine globes shall bar each burning ball;

Sent to orbit goes one in narrow feat.

When the tremulous cord fatally splits

Behold remnant sparks cross the sky in flits.