ImageWhen I first started this blog, I mentioned that I wanted to begin anew. To fearlessly expressing myself, my passions, my beliefs and hoping that somehow they will illuminate something in your life. Always before I have been concerned (overly) with the ambition to accumulate a horde of followers and see the comments docking up beneath my posts. Whenever I post something I’ll sit, wondering if I should have worded this and that a certain way, if I should have been less verbose, if I ought to have kept that thought to myself rather than burden the blogosphere. It persists in spite of all better logic or desire to be Real, honest and sincere. Sincerity is key, in this world of social media. Sincerity . . . it can be sensed, somehow. I am usually greatly stirred or interested in a blog if I can feel connected to the author and his or her writings.

So, I’ll go on to say that while recognition is mostly striven for universally among bloggers, it is sincerity that must light up their little corners of the internet. I mean to say to you reading this, my blog is called the Classical Dreamer. The name requires association with all things whimsical, classical, vintage, sweetly archaic, and artistic. This is the beginning of my Journey towards publication. I’m a writer. I’m an artist, striving towards becoming an illustrator.

I’m a daughter of God who enjoys expounding on Summa Theologica, St. Augustine, Dante, Milton, Martin Luther, et cetera.

History evokes feverish happiness in me, a wild interest that no one can ever dare to douse (expect to hear a good deal about the Renaissance, Constantinople, Shakesperean England, the American Revolution, the Civil War . . . must I continue ad infinitum?)

I adore the Arts. Music, Architecture, the visual Arts, the Written Word.

I want to share with you the figments of my imagination who walk about in my mind (I mostly write historical fiction).

I want to show you the portfolio of artwork I am slowly building for college.

I’m excited to share my theological and philosophical aeries.

This is the Classical Dreamer. This is my Journey.