Birds above us

A poem I wrote for poetry class, the assignment being birds. I haven’t written much poetry lately. I remember that I scribbled down a lot more of it that one semester in private school. Because the teacher lectured me for sketching during class, I decided to safely jot down lines of poetry . . . *winks deviously* . . . while I innocently appeared to be taking notes. But sketching has always been my means of absorbing and staying focused. So that I wouldn’t fall asleep in the middle of class (even if it was one of my favorite classes at the school: Paideia).

What a ramble.

Oh, don’t you love the illustration I used in this post, by Alexandra Douglass?

//#found new favorite artist #I love the colors and ambiance she uses//


Birds do not dream,
They live a dream
Day by day, above
Our heads, and seem
To sing such reams
As humans shove
To scale vocal heights
And superior flights
That only birds can attain.
by Alexandra Douglass
by Alexandra Douglass