Fortis Corde: A Novel

PicsArt_1433102741777Introducing Fortis Corde, my June NaNoWriMo novel. A historical fiction novel I’ve been writing and re-writing since age 14, this has become a story very close to my heart with multitudes of characters who are very nearly like family to me. I’ve abandoned this story for a long while, maybe because I was just purely burnt out, and also stuck in the dreaded rut.
When I was 14 I began learning about the Young American Republic. I also read Washington Irving’s stories later on that influenced the tone and general mood of this story. Reading lots of other historical fiction inspired me. Some of my favorites, and the most influential stories I’ve stumbled across include, The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Horatio Hornblower series by C.S. Forester, Jane Austen books and movies, Elizabeth Gaskell books and movies, George Eliot books and films, and lots of non-fiction biographies and historical books about the period, including Lewis and Clark books. All of this has culminated into this final version that’s been brewing in my head the past few months.

I set aside Fortis Corde as I dealt with some personal health issues but now as I enter the summer after my Senior year, I find a new thirst for writing and reading that has been dormant in my heart for the past several months. The cover art you see above is supposed to portray the main character, Diana Wayland. So now, I shall introduce my characters. c:

Vanessa+Marano+Front+Row+Lie+Sang+Bong+Show+uzKAljbxNFklDiana Wayland:

Born-{July 14, 1790}

Diana is an INFP, simply because I couldn’t imagine her being anything other than a passionate dreamer with a proclivity to imagine and fantasize too much sometimes. She can be very emotional, moody, with a quick temper and observant eye. She enjoys painting and romance dearly. But when upset or hurt, she can either withdraw, filled with dismay and melancholy, or lash out with fury. Diana tends to get caught up in visionary dreams and ideas. Sometimes impulsive, her decisions and choices in life in the early 19th century America leads her on a journey with dark and light patches, twists and turns. Her beloved home in the seat of Northern Virginia hills and valleys can no longer be the safe haven she’s always known.


Julian Quentin

Born: October 21, 1787

Julian is an ISFJ. He has the drive and compassion and skill to study medicine and become a doctor. His strongly integrated ethics of perseverance, diligence, and integrity hold him together, and his purposeful focus for the future enhances his natural pragmatism and practicality. These strengths give him the momentum to graduate from Harvard medical school with honors and recognition. He is bound by love and loyalty to his family and friends, and endeavors to protect and encourage those he cares about.


Lewis Carter

Born: December 18, 1784

Lewis is an INTP, a poet, an inventor of sorts, with an unrealistic perception of the world. I see him as more Byronic than anything else. He’s very passionate about what he believes in, rather opinionated, and tends to lose himself in his own realm of ideas and sense of desolation. A naturalist studying in Philadelphia, as well as a prolific writer of philosophy, verse, and dissertation, Lewis becomes an idealized figure in Diana’s life. His own struggles with personal demons eventually put barriers between himself and the world. He attempts to use his work and intellect to win him a seat of recognition in society but his purpose unravel as his life does. Although he attempts to salvage himself with logic and reason, he finds himself battling to fend off the dilemmas of a troubled soul.


Matthew Wayland

Born: May 6, 1787

Matthew is an ESTJ, and Diana’s older adoptive brother. He values order and integrity highly, and has a systematic, practical way of looking of the world to make sense of it. He struggles to accept his destiny as the son of a wealthy plantation owner, and also to find his own place in the world. He respects men of virtue and potency, such as the former president George Washington, who he looks to as a hero from an early age. He prizes honesty and hopes to become someone like those he admires one day. He tends to judge quickly and leap to conclusions about other people. He is also very protective of Diana and his family, and will defend them with passion and determination. Sometimes he rubs shoulders with others he tumblr_n9e0an4S161tcb1hzo2_250disagrees with and endeavors to lead others by example.

Margaret Stuart

Born: March 17, 1791

Margaret (or “Meg”) is an ISFP, with a deep appreciation for art and literature and music that complements Diana’s creative interests. The two are best friends, inseparable and dear. They confide all their secrets and dreams. Their friendship undergoes its storms and turbulence but through it all they learn lessons that bring them closer than ever in the end. As time passes, romance promises to make Meg the sister she’s always wanted to be to Diana.

Published by Rebecca Elise

I'm 23. INFP. Writer. Artist. Student {UD '19} I write and draw what is I'm passionate about (i.e. Theology, history, literature...and my favorite films/shows, like Star Wars!

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