Veritas Lux Mea {the Truth enlightens me}


Therefore, by reading this blog, you read the reflections of a soul seeking the Will of God, for as a Daughter of God I am a thinking Christian, who delights in pondering the wonders of her Father in Heaven. I am a wanderer in this sublunary world, a temporary visitor whose heart belongs in the Kingdom of Heaven. There are visionary enchantments which move me, for I am a Dreamer through and through. You should know that . . .

030681aa3b4a45e72c16e4c4a2a448f0I am 21. ENFP. A Thinking Christian. Patriot. Lover of times past. Bookishly inclined. Passionate Artist (visual and authorial). A high-schooler. University student. Hopeful Romantic.

This is me, Rebecca Elise. And here are some things in which I delight, in random order . . .

Celtic music//classical music//art-photography, drawing, writing, music, sculpture, painting//genealogy//American History//Latin//the study of the mind//Dreams//time-travel//apple cider//Virginia, my Tidewater homeland//Essay-writing//Historical fiction (proceeding from my passion for history//friendship//the Blue Ridge Mountains//Monticello//Mount Vernon//Stratford//Plantations in general//Disney//Pixar//Animation Art//Romance//coffee shops//Mexican food//the Rocky Mountains//”From Sea to Shining Sea” Atlantic and Pacific//the South//faerietales//Letters by post//Philosophical aeries//antique books//old shops//Conservative Politics//Generation Joshua//Owls//kittens///St. Augustine of Hippo//my Darling family//all things peppermint//hot chocolate//musicals (namely,the Phantom of the Opera//John Milton///Dante Alighieri//Shakespeare . . . ad infinitum//Star Wars//Fyodor Dostoevsky//University of Dallas

As you may have gathered from the name of my blog, I deeply love anything and everything classical, from architecture to the Masters of the Arts (Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael) to cities to mythology to music to literature . . . and from all these things I draw inspiration to 12536589e1120d47a68af5d6994916b2dream and craft whimsies of my own, whether sketched or written. I am the third of six kids in my family. We live in Texas, but our blood belongs to the oldest families of the Maryland and Virginia tidewaters (on my mother’s side).

On this blog I mean to breathe vividly, often, without many long intervals. Let me speak to you from my heart as I know how, of the Truth and its meaning.

Quid est Veritas?

It is a question I constantly ask myself, as I seek to better understand my Father in Heaven and His Kingdom, His majestic Word. So let me, probe, let me wonder, and discuss . . . as the artist, I mean to make it a colorful, vivid journey. Read along, if you will, or do exit quietly at leisure without a clamor. Reflect with me, brood with me in my meditation.

A Very Important side-note: My blog’s address is called “Fortis Corde” which in Latin means, “Strong Hearts”. This is also the title of my Work-In-Progress Novel, Strong Hearts, which I am now also referring in the Latin translation. This title connects significantly to the underlying theme I wish this blog to have. For indeed, it takes the strong, the brave, the daring, to search and and wonder at the mysteries of our God’s universe. It takes courage and strength to want the Truth, to know and understand it.

What is the Truth? It is the omnipotence, omnicience, and omnipresence of the Creator of the Universe, the One who set the moon and the stars and the sun in the sky.

To find the Truth we must look beyond the immediate mortal sphere in which we live, and look beyond into the handiwork of the Heavenly King, our Savior, our Father, the Lover of our Souls who we thirst for but turn from so often. Please bear with me as I start forward, daring to make a difference with my pen, and hopefully discover the Truth and its Light, its Freedom, its Redeeming Grace and Beauty.


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