Fanart is a must

As I stated in my last post, my own original stories have taken a backseat as inspiration for those stories has drained away for the time being. Until I can once again envelop myself in my own characters and their worlds and stories, I have dedicated all my energy to the creation of “fanart”, whichContinue reading “Fanart is a must”

The Fork in the Road

Like any high schooler in the college-selecting process, I faced a variety of options to choose from. My passions in different areas increased my confusion and uncertainty. Art universities offering a wide selection of specialized courses in animation, 2D and 3D design, illustration, and a number of other creative degrees that attracted me. I beganContinue reading “The Fork in the Road”

I need help in Anatomy!!! :O

  I managed to subscribe to the new Autodesk Sketchbook and it is pretty nice! I have more to post of art, but if you are interested, I post some of it also on my tumblog. The first picture features from left to right: Diana, some random girl who has a weird nose XD, andContinue reading “I need help in Anatomy!!! :O”

Thrills my imagination

It all came up rather suddenly. At least, I hardly expected it. Recently I bought a Cintiq 13HD, which I’ve been coveting for a long, long while. There are Cintiq 22HDs and 24HDs, but both of those seem pretty unreasonable–price, size, and weight-wise. Since I’ll be off to college next year, I can’t really seeContinue reading “Thrills my imagination”