As a Protestant at a Catholic University

Sometimes I ask myself, “How on earth did I go from dreaming about attending Patrick Henry College to this? University of Dallas, the Catholic School for Independent Thinkers??” This thought initially unsettles me. I find myself asking God, “Why here, Lord? What is your plan? Where are you leading me?” I mean, Patrick Henry CollegeContinue reading “As a Protestant at a Catholic University”

Last time i felt brave?

What with a surgery, college prep, finishing senior year, and a multitude of other things going on, it is easy to sink into what Anne calls, “the Depths of Despair”. I tend to get overwhelmed pretty easily, when my emotions ride up and down, waves and waves of confusing feelings and doubts and fears andContinue reading “Last time i felt brave?”

Follow up (a music post)

When I first started into middle-school (homeschooled, mind you), I was sort of really shy and awkward and full of wacky dreams and stories that consumed me and filled me with absolute bliss. I could sit forever and ever in front of the computer typing or I could read book after book about my favoriteContinue reading “Follow up (a music post)”

Should I consider a Mac (someday!)?

Well. One of my favorite things ever is getting a new computer. That doesn’t happen often. In fact, this is my third laptop. THIRD? AND I’M ONLY 18? WUT?  The first one, an HP pavilion, was from about five years ago, and the screen broke after much loving and intense use. It was my firstContinue reading “Should I consider a Mac (someday!)?”

“A restless heart”

For Philosophy in school I wrote this paper about St. Augustine. He is probably one of the most inspirational figures in history to me, and I only just began to discover him this year–reading his Confessions and researching his life and conversion thoroughly. He, C. S. Lewis, Tolkien and a few others stand as passionateContinue reading ““A restless heart””